Norwegian Fjord Horses

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is relatively unknown to most equine enthusiasts in the United States.

In reality, the Fjord is one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds of horse. Excavations at ancient Viking burial sites indicate that the Fjord has been selectively bred for at least two thousand years.

Known as the horse of the Vikings, the Fjord originated in the mountainous regions of western Norway. Their versatility and strength in spite of their compact size are renowned the world over, as is their unique dun coloring and upright mane. In their native Norway, the Fjord is very highly regarded as part of the country’s heritage and is one of the national symbols of Norway.

Fjords are outstanding driving horses, excellent draft horses, and excel in the lower levels of Dressage as well as many other ridden disciplines. They range between 13.1 and 14.2 hands, and are compact bundles of power with gentle natures and willing hearts.

Because of their draft heritage and subsequent quiet temperaments, they are ideal mounts for children and adult-amateur riders. Their sure-footedness and bold nature also help to create outstanding sporthorses of a more manageable size for Dressage and Eventing enthusiasts, as well as trail riders.

Their unique physical appearance and breed characteristics are highly regarded by Fjord enthusiasts the world over. As a result, cross breeding of the Fjord horse is strenuously discouraged to preserve the purity of the breed. At Silver Drache Farm, our Fjord stallions are open exclusively to registered Norwegian Fjord horse mares in accordance with the regulations of the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry, and our Fjord foals are the result of planned breedings only.