Our Passion

Silver Drache Farm began as a small idea in north-central Indiana. We both knew we wanted our own rural oasis during our downtime, but neither of us realized that a little over a decade later, our little oasis would grow to a small empire. Soon after our first two horses arrived, Andréa discovered Dressage, fell in love with the Spanish horse and our story got a bit bigger.

Our private Indiana farm allows our stallions enjoy the benefits of ample turnout and a carefully designed environment that creates contented, well-socialized horses, and is ideal for developing sound, healthy equine partners. Our Florida location allows us to escape the winter and offers excellent proximity to the amenities in Wellington, Florida, the winter horse sport capital of the world.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding stallion service – whether you are a seasoned professional horseman or a novice breeding your own mare. Our goal is to ensure a seamless process and successful fertilization, with a minimum of inconvenience. Our veterinary partners are experienced in the utilization of AI (artificial insemination) and it’s essential that we deliver an exceptional quality shipment every time we collect.

Please contact Andréa at your convenience for more information about our stallions or boarding opportunities at our Palm City, Florida facility.

Dr. and Mrs. (Andréa) Barry L. Eppley
(p) 317.679.7433
19919 Mule Barn Road
Westfield, Indiana 46074 USA

  • I have known the farm owner and her horses for years. Silver Drache is a wonderful farm and Andrea is a kind and knowledgeable owner. I have recommended this farm for their sale horses for years. I’ve never known them to have an unhappy customer. I certainly plan on doing business with Silver Drache in the future. Margaret Bogie

  • Wonderful facility, beautiful horses & MufasaX was an absolutely amazing stallion. Honored I was able to breed my mare to him, my filly is correct in every way & gorgeous! Dana Shah Bishop

  • Silver Drache is a beautiful facility where the horses get the best of care. Each one is treasured by the owners. Cathy Gage