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Stallion Management – Part Three

By far the most straightforward route to a well-mannered, gentlemanly stallion is through consistent training and exposure to the world. As with any horse, progressively introducing him to different environments, circumstances and venues such as shows, parades, trail rides, fairs and exhibitions, builds confidence when approached correctly.

Stallion Management – Part Two

“Ask a mare, tell a gelding, discuss it with a stallion.” There is a great deal of truth in this saying. In my experience, stallions are unique creatures in that they tend to develop relationships with one person in particular and work to please that individual, primarily because their contact with other horses is, in most cases limited.

Stallion Management – Part One

For the purposes of this article I will discuss our approach at Silver Drache Farm toward creating and maintaining content, pleasant, willing, working, fertile stallions that are as much a delight to the eye as they are under saddle or on the ground.